About Evergreen Aquatic


Evergreen Aquatic Resource Consultants, LLC maintains an extensive and varied project experience that enables us to approach project planning with confidence and provide comprehensive natural resource management solutions within the context of full regulatory compliance.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Successful coordinated management of challenging multi‐year professional service contracts ranging from less than $1,000 to $225,000, which have supported multi‐million dollar infrastructure and land development projects.
  • 300+ wetland delineations and assessments on sites ranging to 150 acres, including those having difficult, problematic, and atypical wetland situations present.
  • Completed multi‐year baseline vegetation and hydrologic monitoring within freshwater wetlands and riparian areas, including locally significant habitats such as saltwater estuaries and peatlands.
  • Developed comprehensive plans, specifications, and estimates for critical area mitigation requiring excavation and grading, soil amendment, noxious weed control, habitat structure placement, and native plant installation.
  • Successful management of mitigation construction projects exceeding $3,000,000 involving multiple contractors and challenging construction schedules.